Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Why I love running... I hate running... Well, okay, I kinda like it. Maybe...

If you told me a year ago that I'd be running, I would've laughed in your face.  I have never been a runner, nor have I aspired to become one.  Ever.  Yet, here I am.  Not only am I out there 4 days a week, torturing my body, but I'm really, seriously, attempting to feel comfortable enough to sign up for a half marathon.  Again - if you told me a year ago that I'd be seriously considering a half marathon, I would've laughed in you face.  It would have been the most asinine thing I'd ever heard.  Me, attempting a half marathon?!  (Truth be told, I wouldn't have enough known how far that was.  For the record, it's 13.1 miles.)
Do I like running?  Eh, I'm still on the fence.  When I'm out there, I HATE RUNNING.  I mean I. HATE. IT.  The only good thing I get from it is that it's the only time of the day that I am just me.  I'm not someone's employee, I'm not someone's wife, I'm not someone's daughter, I'm not someone's mommy, I'm not someone's co-worker, I'm not someone's personal shopper/chef/maid/butt wiper... I am me.  Often, I get the pleasure of being a friend while I run, but even then - I am just me.  (Which, I must say, is a sign of a true friendship - that even with a friend running beside you there is no obligation to do or be anything other than yourself.)  There is no Facebook to distract me, no phone to answer, no child begging me for something, no traffic stressing me out, no dishes to clean, no lunches to pack, no burdens to bear.  It's me, my mind, (lately, my music), and the road.  It's better therapy than anything else I've ever tried.  Time alone really isn't so bad you know.  It's very freeing in today's fast-paced world.
After I'm done running, like immediately after, I REALLY hate it.  Some days it takes everything in me not to pass out.  As soon as I stop, things get a little fuzzy, my knees get a bit weak, the world starts to spin...  (This is why I do not stop when I'm running alone, unless I am very near a bench to plop down on, can you imagine the sight I'd be??  No, let's not imagine that!)  Then, time passes.  A shower, a drink, and a snack calm & cool me, and I start to feel good.  I mean really, really good.  It's a high.  It's a feeling of power & accomplishment; pride & happiness; adrenaline & hazy brain.  The more I run, the greater that high feels & the longer it lasts.  That feeling, and that feeling alone is what gets me out there even on days like today where I really just wanted to crawl in bed instead.  Okay, the truth is that it's that feeling AND the potential for hawt legs.  The only thing hotter than those are dancers' legs & I will not ever be graceful enough to be a dancer.

So, there you have it.  I love running 'cause I like to get high & I enjoy hawt legs.  Or something like that anyway.

Monday, June 13, 2011

I'm all wet, like a hamburger.

Yep, my darling child really told me that.  After my run Sunday, I got home & collapsed on the [cold] tile floor of the entryway.  He was quite concerned about me.  Really, I think he was just trying to get his hands on my Garmin.  He is ALL about that watch - only because I've told him not to touch it, no doubt.  Anyway, as I stood up to go get a drink, he told me "Mommy, you're all sweaty."  Followed by:  "You feel like a hamburger 'cause you're all wet".  For the record, I have NO idea what kind of burgers he's been eating!

I'm trying to love running, but the passion isn't coming easy.  I DO love how I feel after I recover from a run, and I guess that's all that most runners ever really love (right???).  The thoughts before a run - don't love 'em.  The process of actually running - don't love it.  The immediate after-effects of running - don't love 'em.  Later though, much later, I do appreciate how I feel & look forward to that feeling again.  If only I didn't have to run to acheive that feeling!!

The uber-wonderful Lesley at Racing It Off wrote me up a little schedule to get me to a half marathon by d-day (September 25th).  The thing is, I hate schedules 'cause my life is so hectic & I never know what's coming day-to-day.  However, having a schedule has forced me to get out there 4 days a week & run my X amount of miles, no excuses.  I ran all 4 of my runs last week & I've already conquered my long run this week.  So, yay me!  Also, I've been on a 1,200 calorie diet for just over a week now & I'm down 3#s already!  Double (or would that be triple??) yay me!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Random Motivation

"Tell me that I can't do it.  Tell me that I shouldn't even try.  Tell me that it's impossible.  Tell me the risk is to high, the challenge too much, or the feat too tough.  Tell me that I won't do it...  And I will!"
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...and on that note, I'm going to download some new music & go to bed.  I need to run first thing tomorrow, before it's HOT!