I should just call this the page-o-shame for now.  sigh
Sunday, November 21st - a tight size 10 (ie a loose 12) & 153#s

Starting the new year with 4-5 weeks of laziness, over-eating, & lack of sleep.
Saturday, January 1st - a very tight size 10 (ie a getting comfy 12) & 153.4 #s

Holy poop, what have I been doing?  :(
Sunday, March 20th - size 12 (I can't even button the 10s now, urgh!) & 155.5#s

Finally, I have my motivation - watchout!
Saturday, June 11th - tight size 10 & 152#s

Diet + lots of running for the past month...
Sunday, July 3rd - loose size 10 (a few 8s!) & 144.8#s

Not much budging this month.
Sunday, August 7th - loose size 10 & 142#s