Monday, March 28, 2011

I did it! Then, I did it again!!

On Wednesday I headed out for my run.  I decided to get a warm up in first though, so I rode my bike.  At 1.5 miles into the ride (same spot I was getting stuck every time I ran!), I felt that wall.  It was hard to push through it for some reason.  Then, the light bulb went off!  I KNOW I can ride a bike an insane amount of miles, so I can always push through that wall, no matter how hard it is on any given day.  But, I'd never run more than 2 miles, so I didn't KNOW I was capable of going futher.  I really don't know how to explain it better...  pretty much, it was a mental thing. 
So, after pushing throught that wall & finishing my warm up ride, I met Denya for our run.  She told me it was the day.  I was gonna run a 5K.  I doubted her, but decided I'd at least try.  (Besides, she was crackign that whip, so I had to keep moving.  :p)  I'd already decided beforehand that I wasn't going to pace Denya.  She runs way too fast for me at my current level.  I allowed myself to be okay with that, and to know that I simply had to slow down to make it the distance.  I started out too strong anyway, so I quickly slowed my pace.  Over the next 51 minutes I got slower & slower & slower...  but I didn't walk!  Not one step.  My phone lost its GPS signal, so I don't have an exact mileage count, but I'm pretty sure I was around 3.45 miles at 51 minutes.  Nothing amazing as far as speed, but it was a PR for me & a huge milestone.  I RAN a 5K!!!
Fast forward to today, 5 days later.  Denya had to do her 8 miles (she's training for a half), so she got out & got about half of that in before I joined her.  Once again, I warmed up with a bike ride beforehand.  I'm not sure if it's part of the difference or not, but why mess with a good thing?  Once I got running, I started too strong & I knew it, but I couldn't even blame Denya 'cause I started the run alone.  I just really aspire for speed I suppose.  All things in time, right?  My ankle was killing me, but I ran.  and ran.  and ran...  Finally, Denya hit her 8 miles & I was just short of 3.  So, we both kept going.  Soon enough, Denya hit 9!  (Have I mentioned how much she rocks?  She totally does.)  She slowed it down while I finished my run.  4 miles.  4 MILES!  Another PR!!  I ran 4 miles straight (at 50:51)!  Who is this person taking over my feet & making me run?  It felt so good...  and yet it hurt.  haha, the joys of running.  Once I stopped, my legs were like jell-o & I was afraid I was gonna fall out right there.  I somehow managed the 1/4 mile walk home without dying though.

I guess this is the start of something.  Finally.  It was 100% a mental block holding me back.  I'm so happy I rode my bike that first day & had the lightbulb go off 'cause now I know I can do it.  I'm not sure what I want to set as a goal now...  do I want more endurance/distance or do I want more speed?  I want both, but I suppose I need to pick one for the time being.  Speed seems the logical choice, so I can finish the 5K in May at a decent time, but it's not really all about that race for me, so more distance would be good too...  I'm sure I'll figure out what it is I want right now & now I feel pretty confident that I'll achieve whatever goal I do set.  Yay me!  ;) 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Will I EVER get there??

I know I should be proud that I've come as far as I have in this amount of time, but I'm really just frustrated that I haven't done better.  I thought by now I'd AT LEAST be running a 5K with no problem, but I can't even do 2 miles straight (well, other than ONCE).  I usually do around 2 miles when I'm out, but I always have to walk some of it.  I try to only let myself walk in 30 second - 1 minute increments for the most part, but some days it takes 5 or 6 of those to make it through the 2 miles.  I am so annoyed that I can't do it.  Usually, when I get annoyed at my inability to do something, I start rocking it.  It's not working that way for me & running though, which makes me even more annoyed/frustrated/pissed off/disappointed.  I truly can only run what I can run, there's this brick wall in my way.  How do I break it down?  Is it a mental thing or is my body just truly not accustomed to this whole running thing yet?  I am in awe of those of you that can get out & run 5 miles, 10 miles, or even more.  HOW do you do that?  Tell me a secret - do you have any walking stretched in there, or do you truly run it all?  sigh  I'm not giving up, but by-golly, I'm mad!  Work legs, work!  Work lungs, work!  Work heart, work!  Quit working brain, quit working!  :p
I've updated my other tabs at the top.  Eh on the mileage, I don't see where I'm improving.   Inspections...  HOW am I getting fatter?  I'm going back to the Progresso diet (yes, it DOES work!), back to 3 times a week (at least) at the gym, plus the running & hopefully I'll make some improvements.  I now have a full 20#s to lose.  :(