Monday, January 30, 2012

2011 - Month 1

One month down, only 18.69 miles put in.  What a sad, sad running month.
I'm in the "best part of pregnancy" (so they say), ie: the second trimester.  Yet, I have less desire to run than ever.  I know I need to get out & do it, but after working all day I really just don't wanna!  I actually only had one decent week of running in there last month & last week was awful - I didn't run at all!  
I'm trying to be okay with it.  I'm pregnant, so I'm allowed to be lazy.  I think.  Right???  I am in a position right now that makes bedrest pretty much an impossibility, so I know I need to stay as healthy as possible.  Running makes a huge difference for my blood pressure & that's my #1 concern right now, so it shouldn't be a negotiable thing...  and yet, I've found that it is for me.  Some days, I just want to sit on the couch & watch the world go by.   Like today.  I'm already considering not running tonight 'cause going to bed early sounds better.  Maybe I should at least do a mile or two though, that'd be better than nothing.  Yeah, I'm totally trying to talk myself into it, can you tell?