Monday, May 21, 2012

37 weeks pregnant & still going strong.

It's my last full month of pregnancy and I've already racked up 27 miles for the month!  With a week & a half to go, and still feeling great, I expect to add a fair amount more still.  I even managed a full 5mile walk last Wednesday!  I would've gone longer (it was like running - I just couldn't stop once I got past the initial "I don't wanna"), but I figured 5 miles was plenty, especially since I could tell I was starting to swell. The best part is - I made it FULL TERM, with NO complications!  I did it!  Unless you've had a complicated pregnancy & lived in fear of another one, I don't think you can "get" how truly exciting that it.  I did it.  I worked my butt off to be healthy before I got pregnant & worked hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle all these months.  The work I put in was definitely worth it.  *I* managed to stay healthy.  *I* managed to not gain an insane amount of weight.  *I* managed to make it to 37+ weeks & still feel great.  A little effort is worth it all.  I wish I could pass on the importance of staying fit & healthy to every pregnant woman I meet.  No excuses, just do it.  Your body & your baby will thank you for it.

So, tonight on my walk I passed a guy who asked if I was trying to walk the baby out.  ...if only that worked out for me.  ;)  This kid is so used to me exercising that I truly don't believe any amount of walking will speed his entrance (or exit?) up any.  As ready as I am to meet him, knowing that my body is the safest place for him until HE is ready to come out is all the comfort I need in the days I feel anxious/tired/achy/ready to be not pregnant again.  I'm a little sad in some ways, this is almost over - no more kicks, flips, hiccups, and all that other stuff.  But, I'm ready to get my body back to myself & see what else I'm capable of with it, sans fetus.