Sunday, August 28, 2011

232.11 MILES!

I have run 232.11 miles so far this year.  Besides that, I ran 10 miles this morning.  Ten miles, in one run.  TEN!  Wow.  I would've never thought...  I even managed to keep a 12:08 average pace for the first 6.5 miles (then I HAD to walk a bit & finish it up much slower).  One day I'm sure I'll look back & 10 miles will seem like nothing, but for now, it's pretty big!!  As are the 232.11 miles.  The rough start I had on this running journey, the stupid broken vertebrae that came into the picture just as I was finding a groove, the extreme heat...  it all has been against me it seems, but I finally feel like I'm accomplishing something!
I'm slowly meeting more & more crazies runners & it's fun to learn about when, how, & why they started running.  The amazing Denya seems to have a knack for encouraging more & more people to join the running craze too, and it'd fun to be the not-brand-new-runner, watching someone else take on this crazy journey of becoming a runner.  It mostly nice though, to be able to just enjoy the time outside, with no obligations/responsibilities to anyone else.  No kiddo to keep an eye on, no dishes to clean, no customers to help, just total personal freedom.  As much as it hurts & exhausts the body, it's so nice to have 100% of your mental capacity focused on yourself!
Crap...  it's starting to sound like I may be becoming a "real" runner, huh?